Originally planned for year 6 pupils, times-tables check s are being introduced in year 4, the education secretary has recently announced.

The policy was first announced as part of the Conservatives’ general election manifesto in 2015 but focused on year 6 pupils, rather than year 4.

Teachers subsequently noted that multiplications are taught in year 4 — prompting officials to look again at the process.

The checks have since been delayed numerous times, with the DfE advised schools last summer that there would be “no statutory requirement” to stage the tests next summer as originally planned.

Schools will now be expected to administer the tests to their year 4 pupils from 2019-20.

According to the DfE these tests are being introduced to “aid children’s fluency in mathematics”.

It is widely expected that the test will be an online assessment — in a bid to reduce teacher workload.

We are running an essential half-day seminar to support school leaders and teachers, with responsibility for upper key stage 2 in preparing for the 2019 assessment requirements.

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