Leadership, management & governance

Recognising that effective leadership, management and governance are essential to improving outcomes for young people, drb Ignite supports leaders at all levels to maximise impact and sustain improvement.

drb’s leadership and management support includes:

  • highly acclaimed termly Briefings to keep leaders up-to-date with current initiatives and developments
  • programmes of Headteacher development and support, based on the National Standards of Excellence for Headteachers, tackling the essential aspects of successful headship and the issues that keep senior leaders awake at night
  • senior and middle leadership development programmes, for example:
  • linking monitoring, self-evaluation, school improvement planning, Performance Management and CPD;
  • using data;
  • analysing the ASP (Analyse School Performance) and the IDSR (Inspection Data Summary Report);
  • setting school improvement vision, values and goals;
  • holding others to account;
  • successful challenging conversations;
  • succession planning;
  • ensuring the curriculum promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development;
  • promoting British values;
  • provision for character education.

Governors’ critical roles can be supported by the specialist knowledge and experience that drb Ignite provides.

drb’s governor support and training takes account of governors’ key function and includes:

  • training about roles and responsibilities;
  • guidance on statutory and non-statutory duties;
  • bespoke training for whole governing bodies on a variety of topics from understanding data, teachers’ performance management to financial management;
  • providing help for governors as they prepare for inspection and respond to issues raised;
  • supporting and advising governing bodies in the process of appointing a Headteacher;
  • supporting governing bodies in the performance management of Headteachers;
  • specific training for groups of governors from different governing bodies on topics that have included the Inspection Dashboard, understanding the quality of teaching and contributing to school self- evaluation;
  • Governor Briefings that provide topical advice, guidance and support about a range of current policies, processes and initiatives.

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