As the countdown to Christmas has begun, the team started our celebrations with sending Christmas Chocolates to our schools! Then as a team we celebrated a successful year with our annual Christmas Lunch at ‘Bank’ in Brindleyplace, which included a lot more singing than we had anticipated. And to end our celebrations, the team participated in ‘Secret Santa’ with some very questionable headbands!

Isn’t Christmas the time of year when everyone basically lives off Chocolate?

In the Spirit of Christmas, the drb team supplied our consultants with a box of chocolates for each school that they work with. After discovering that the drb office team have the collective will power of a nursery class… our consultants began to remove the temptation.

Our Christmas Meal

After our senior leaders broke out into some unexpected carolling, we enjoyed our meal at Bank in Brindley Place. The evening then progressed to Birmingham’s German Market, where one of our directors (not naming any names!) ended up embracing his inner reindeer!

Surely a few Christmas decorations can’t make an entire office feel happier

Brindleyplace reception has been decorated by the Landmark team; it’s amazing how a few bits of tinsel here and a couple of baubles there can really bring up the atmosphere and get staff excited about the holidays.

Although Secret Santa is a slightly more obvious Christmas tradition, when there are only 6 participants, it doesn’t take a genius to work it out who’s got who! Nevertheless, our office team joined in with the festivities.

Tracy, Our Network Co-ordinator of drb Briefings, supplied our office team with some festive fun, by purchasing some Santa Hats and festive headbands to keep the Christmas spirit going to our final week! We finish for Christmas on the 23rd of December, and we are back in on the 2nd of January.

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